The Liungman guidewire fixator has the following characteristics.


  • Braided self-expandable structure, free from sharp edges
  • Mesh that allows continuous blood-flow
  • Fixation through moderate radial force
  • Increased fixation if tension is applied
  • Safety limitation if too much tension is applied


  • 0,035 inch movable core nitinol guidewire
  • PTFE coating
  • The fixator is freely moveable over the guidewire
  • Distal stopper that engages the fixator

Delivery and retrieval system​

The LGF is designed with a unique retrieval system that for the first time allows for simple device retrieval in sharp angles and difficult positions.


  • Delivered and retrieved using a standard 7F sheath
  • Consult IFU for instructions


  • The LGF is available in three diameters
  • LGF-8mm, suitable for 5-7mm blood vessels
  • LGF-11mm, suitable for 8-10mm blood vessels
  • LGF-14mm, suitable for 11-13mm blood vessels